1. How CIOs can ensure M&A projects pay off

    Growth through mergers and acquisitions (M&A), in contrast, has the potential to deliver much greater gains. Ever since the value-destroying merger of AOL and Time-Warner in 2000, many corporate leaders have become skeptical about the value of M&A. Not only do CIOs have an important role to play in the due diligence leading up to a merger or acquisition, their operational expertise can contribute directly to a company’s balance sheet. 

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    1. I made the customer experience a key principle in my decision-making as I managed the acquisition.
    2. Following the Day 1 event, I changed my focus to integration. For example, where are the opportunities to cut costs? Are there duplication or unnecessary applications that can be removed?
    3. Simplification and consolidation is a focus for the integration going forward. For example, the plan includes equipping our technicians and fleet so that one technician can service broadband and entertainment.
    4. The Blackfin acquisition filled a gap in [the Symantec] unified security strategy so it made sense to acquire them.
    5. Be part of the M&A assessment team as the CIO and refuse to take a back seat.
    6. My advice to CIOs: you are a business leader who happens to run IT.
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