1. How robotic process automation threatens workers today

    IT professionals may or may not believe that robotic process automation (RPA) is a threat to their long-term livelihoods, but they’re not crazy about it might do to their near-term workloads. Derek Toone, managing director at outsourcing consultancy Alsbridge, reports seeing push-back from IT groups based not on a fear of job loss, but rather on the belief that RPA represents an additional, burdensome project that will stretch resources, create extra work and disrupt the enterprise.

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    1. We've seen this concern raised in RPA implementations on which we're advising.
    2. None of these activities require a significant level of IT resources.
    3. Education on RPA that is very specific to the tools under consideration — what they are and what they aren't — will go a long way.
    4. Basically, any rules-based process that is repetitive and involves structured digital data lends itself to being cost-effectively automated.
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