1. How to improve productivity with agile

    Delivering increased productivity is a key priority for many IT executives. Yes, agile can help with that, too (it’s not just for development). Adopting new technology is one way to improve productivity. Another approach is to simply cut expenses. A better way is to improve the methodology and skills that IT staff use to complete their work. The agile approach achieves productivity gains through more effective communication and being highly responsive to customer demands.

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    1. With in-person communications, we can write a diagram in a meeting room. We can then start working on developing the product immediately afterwards. It is also easier and faster to do problem solving. Managing a growing volume of documentation means less time to work on the product.
    2. Success with agile methodology is 5 percent due to the tools used and 95 percent due to the culture.
    3. It is important that we rotate the schedule – we don't want one time to feel that they are always the ones who have to stay up late.
    4. Our agile approach starts with feedback.
    5. With agile, we can slice scope into small easy to manage pieces and put those into production.
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