1. Report reveals demand for digital skills in all sectors

    The digital industries contributed £87bn to the economy in 2014 – but there remains a lack of skills and broadband is still unevenly distributed. The report found that, of the 1.56 million jobs in the so-called digital tech economy, 41% – representing 648,000 digital jobs – are in traditional industries. The report referred to a study from Burning Glass, stating that between 2012 and 2015, the number of adverts for digital jobs across traditional industries grew 34%. Those in the health sector – which witnessed the greatest growth – rose by 109.8%. The number of digital jobs in public administration, defence and ...

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    1. Tech is truly transforming the way we do all kinds of business, right across the country. We will continue to back, with all levers at our disposal, the innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship that is redefining and strengthening the modern British economy.
    2. Digital businesses make considerable use of local universities to recruit talent, but entrepreneurs say graduates sometimes lack either the business skills, or the most up-to-date technical skills, needed to go straight into work.
    3. High-speed connectivity remains a priority for digital tech businesses.
    4. Better data on business access to broadband and other digital infrastructure would enable cities to ensure that companies get the connectivity they need to thrive and grow.
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