1. ERP software gets a makeover

    ERP software is known for providing valuable services to a variety of users. Unfortunately, ERP applications have lagged behind consumer apps in user experience. A lot of ERP vendors have made major progress on the user interface front over the past two years. Cloud ERP products are leading the way in providing a better user experience. The next trend in mobile ERP is to provide powerful mobile interface.

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    1. A lot of ERP vendors have made major progress on the user interface front over the past two years.
    2. Early efforts to bring ERP to mobile devices focused on displaying data. The next generation ERP allows users to complete actions using a mobile device. For example, I am now able to file business travel expense receipts while I wait for a flight.
    3. Achieving 20-30 percent efficiency improvements in order entry and other ERP activities is achievable.
    4. I hear a lot of complaints about the default design and structure of forms. For example, irrelevant fields or data are getting in the way.
    5. A lot of IT organizations have legacy applications and are not interested in changing them right now. Fortunately, there are user interface products that can be installed that provide a better experience without having to changing the entire infrastructure.
    6. To deliver a better user experience, it is essential to begin by asking what users want rather than focusing on technology first.
    7. To improve our ERP products, we interviewed around 50 of our customers to understand their workflows for activities such as producing an invoice and handling orders.
    8. Reducing the complexity of work tasks is a key way to improve the experience for enterprise application users.
    9. In 2015, we announced a partnership with Salesforce. With that partnership, we are going to add Salesforce capabilities directly into our products.
    10. We can take inspiration from Uber and other consumer apps. They make the user experience simple and intuitive: training programs are not required. After all, hard to use consumer apps rarely last for very long.
    11. We regularly look at major tech firms such as Google, Apple and Microsoft for user interface and experience ideas.
    12. I suggest using the cognitive walkthrough technique to improve enterprise software usability.
    13. With this process, you gather together software experts and the end users. The next step is to have the end users complete ten or twenty work tasks and narrate what they are doing.
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