1. How long can IT outsourcing deliver more for less?

    IT and business process outsourcing deals have been getting smaller in dollar value and shorter in duration for some time. And, according to analysis of 2015’s deal activity, enterprise digitization is strengthening that trend. The number of outsourcing contracts signed last year hit an all-time high, but annual contract values were down 8 percent, according to outsourcing consultancy Information Services Group (ISG).


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    1. Digital helps fuel a fire that was already burning very well.
    2. These firms are less capable of scaling or supporting huge implementations.
    3. Deals are coming up for renewal at an ever-increasing pace.
    4. Those pieces are then leveraging emerging technologies which are coming to market at lower price points and utilizing the shortest of durations.
    5. On-premises, fixed-pricing models have given way to dynamic, on-demand models, which represent more change for service provider business models, which in some cases are in danger of requiring complete reinvention.
    6. Now that clients have realized the flexibility and value inherent in shorter, smaller contracts, they won't give that up.
    7. This is where the next real growth leap is likely to come from.
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