1. IoT adoption held back by lack of business case, software and skills

    The internet of things is at the top of Gartner’s Hype Cycle, but many organisations cannot build a business case to invest in IoT projects

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    1. Many organisations have yet to establish a clear picture of what benefits the IoT can deliver, or have not yet invested the time to develop ideas for how to apply IoT to their business.
    2. IoT is right at the top of the peak of the Hype Cycle. You get the impression that everyone is using IoT, but only 29% are actually using it. Three-quarters are not doing a single thing.
    3. We have had a lot of calls from insurance companies who are interested in connected smoke alarms and burglar alarms and systems built into cars.
    4. Traditional IT architectures that store and subsequently process data do not have the necessary performance to deliver real-time analysis of such data streams, and in any case, there may be too much data to store in its raw form.
    5. The fundamental advantage of Erlang is that it allows you to build concurrent systems much more easily than traditional systems.
    6. We are poised for a marked shift in focus towards customer-facing benefits for planned IoT implementations, positioning IoT as a key competitive marketplace weapon going forward.
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