1. Sap's Hana Vora bridges divide between enterprise and Hadoop data

    Aiming to help bring contextual analytics to the data organizations have stored in Hadoop, enterprise systems and other distributed data sources, SAP Tuesday announced the general availability of in-memory query engine SAP HANA Vora. SAP debuted the software last September, though Ken Tsai, vice president, head of Cloud Platform & Data Management, Product Marketing, at SAP, says the company has been working on it behind the scenes for years.

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    1. As big data matures and becomes mission critical, there is a growing need for traditional methods of analysis such as OLAP to become widely available on Hadoop.
    2. They want to create a very large big data warehouse data processing framework that can handle data stored in a central data warehouse and add contextual insights from the smart meter data stored in a data reservoir.
    3. Our initial analysis proved that SAP HANA paired with SAP HANA Vora is the right solution for us moving forward operationally, while allowing for innovation around our Internet of Things and predictive analytics initiatives.
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