1. 8 ways to get the most out of your ERP system

    Implementing an ERP system is an expensive proposition that can cost millions of dollars and take months, even years, to fully deploy. So what steps can you take when choosing or deploying an ERP solution to decrease the likelihood of failure? Here are eight suggestions from ERP experts, systems integrators and project managers who have successfully implemented an ERP software system.

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    1. Because it's a major investment of time and money, be sure to create a comprehensive list of requirements with input from multiple key stakeholders.
    2. Seriously consider how [the system] would fit into your current IT infrastructure.
    3. My best advice to a cost-conscious [organization] deciding on an ERP system is to really look at total cost of ownership.
    4. Choosing the right vendor is a major part of the process.
    5. When embarking on an ERP implementation, it's essential for your software and service provider to know your business.
    6. One key predictor of how your ERP implementation will go is upper management buy-in.
    7. It's imperative the team tasked with choosing a new ERP system collaborate with senior leadership team or a member of the C-suite, where one individual from [the] executive team can serve as the sponsor and internal champion of the project to streamline approvals and break down internal silos.
    8. A roadmap not only ensures a smooth process, but it shows financial stakeholders when the implementation will start, the cost and when they can expect to start seeing benefits.
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