1. Why some CIOs are taking on customer advisory roles

    The days of CEOs keeping their CIOs at arm's length from customers are over, signaling a significant shift for an IT role that has evolved from managing data centers and back-office applications. Companies pressured to deploy digital technologies across their business lines are installing IT leaders in positions focused solely on engaging with customers. CIOs are taking on customer-facing positions, which companies are creating to get a better handle on how to better grow their digital businesses.

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    1. I'm that interface ... ensuring that we continue to be the leading technology solutions provider in real estate services.
    2. It's part of the strategy to help make the most efficient and best workplace for our clients.
    3. You just turn that a little bit and it ends up not being that big of a leap.
    4. There could be a hothouse effect here. John is all over it. I'm all over it.
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