1. From tacos to HR, chatbots make it personal

    Chatbots are emerging as a shiny new tool for enterprises. These virtual assistants can differentiate themselves by personalizing the software with contextual information such as location. ADP is building bots that automate HR tasks such as sending a job to a prospective hire to alerting employees to use their accrued vacation time. Bots will alter the workflow of enterprise software from the dreaded "pull mode," where you scour your HR apps for information, to a "push mode," delivering relevant information at the right time.

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    1. We looked at conversational commerce and felt like there was something there.
    2. If I can have an interaction with you in a very relevant moment, that's extremely valuable to me as well as to you.
    3. The biggest challenge in building an effective bot is to solve the issue of personalization.
    4. It's just natural that enterprise systems present themselves on that channel because that is the channel of choice.
    5. It changes the whole paradigm and has a huge impact on how you manage the sales process.
    6. The opportunity with bots is to make them work like assistants so people will want to use them.
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