1. 5 Things You Need To Know About Data Exhaust

    Big data is now a familiar term in most of the business world, and companies large and small are scrambling to take advantage of it. Data exhaust, on the other hand, it is less widely known, and in some ways it's an evil twin brother. It is essentially all the big data that isn't core to your business which can be enormously useful. However, the bottom line is that it's critical to be selective about what data exhaust gets saved, to avoid the risks associated with it. 

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    1. It's not core to the transaction, but it can still be hugely relevant to servicing customers at a better level.
    2. This is generally stuff customers may or may not be willing to have given you.
    3. CIOs need to balance the value of data exhaust against the waste of keeping tons of useless data forever.
    4. It is important to start making some executive decisions on what you are going to throw out.
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