1. Google, Baidu and the race for an edge in the global speech recognition market

    The biggest tech trend setters in the world have been picking up speed and setting new benchmarks in a growing field, with Google recently providing open access to its new enterprise-level speech recognition API. As China’s largest search engine, Baidu has collected thousands of hours of voice-based data in Mandarin, which was fed to its latest speech recognition engine Deep Speech 2. Alibaba and Tencent are two other key players in the Chinese market developing speech recognition technology.

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    1. We developed the system in English, but because it's all deep learning-based it mostly depends on data, so we were able to pretty quickly replace it with Mandarin data and train up a very strong Mandarin engine.
    2. Because the system is entirely data-driven, it actually learns to do hybrid transcription on its own.
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