1. Outsourcing and Contingent Labor: CIOs look beyond cost savings towards gaining skills and flexibility

    As IT organizations transform rapidly to a digital model through the use of cloud and Big Data, the practice of outsourcing is shifting, too. The organizations that succeed most with outsourcing are those that figure out how to blend the foundational efforts of running systems and creating platforms for innovative and creative work — that not only keeps costs down but also enables top-line results. 


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    1. Companies need to enable these platforms for growth — this is a required shift.
    2. This is where there is a dramatic increase in hiring contingent workers.
    3. We're not talking about long-term, keep the lights on work, which traditional outsourcing might address.
    4. The bulk of managed services agreements in recent years have focused on keeping whatever you're already doing running, and saving money through traditional outsourcing was the play.
    5. The best outsourcing transactions enable both of these areas, whether they are all done in one service relationship or in a variety of partnerships.
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