1. A CIO’s Biggest Security Challenge May Surprise You: Cloud Compliance

    More and more, cloud is everywhere in IT — and increasingly, throughout the business. Today, 72 percent of organizations have at least one application in the cloud or a portion of their computing infrastructure in the cloud, according to IDG’s Cloud Computing Survey 2015, while 56 percent of organizations are still identifying IT operations that can move to the cloud.

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    1. You need to dig into what the real risks are.
    2. We are seeing more and more of this with our clients.
    3. It has taken time for organizational change and training, for the knowledge to permeate through.
    4. Cloud service providers are offering almost all of the assurances customers want.
    5. We all know nobody's perfect in this space, but you can expect transparency in how they deal with risk and resolve risk.
    6. We work with clients to develop a framework approach to this.
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