1. How Adobe uses machine learning to drive marketing success

    Earlier this year, Adobe took the wraps off its new Adobe Marketing Cloud, touting new data science capabilities like Adobe Analytics' Segment IQ, which uses machine learning to help marketers gain deep insight into audience segments. On Wednesday, Adobe advanced Segment IQ another step with the release of Segment Comparison for Analysis Workspace.

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    1. Segmenting is a core strategy that is crucial to any marketer's success.
    2. Segments often have overlap with each other.
    3. It goes through and intelligently discovers the differences though an automated machine learning analysis of metrics and dimensions.
    4. While one might think that their cartoons are just geared to children, in reality their movies appeal to a variety of different groups, including kids, parents, couples, teenagers.
    5. This is going to be probably our fastest-adopted feature once it rolls out and hits the market.
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