1. For the New CIO: Tackling the Tough Challenges on the Digital Business Journey

    The role of a new CIO is no walk in the park. The digital revolution is in full swing with no signs of slowing down, and no organization is immune from the impact of disruption, be it technologies, products, services or business models. As a result, the pressure is on for IT leaders — smoothly running cost-effective IT development and operations shops is not enough.

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    1. The bottom line is that expectations have changed for the CIO.
    2. In the past, if you looked at a CIO's background and experience, it was 80 percent technology and perhaps 20 percent business.
    3. It goes beyond having the skill and processes it is also a cultural issue in many organizations; it's just not how things have been done in the past.
    4. To succeed in the new digital world, the new CIO needs to take the helm on a joint set of initiatives that are shared and implemented in a very collaborative way.
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