1. Will A.I. usher in a new era of hacking?

    It may take several years or even decades, but hackers won't necessarily always be human. Artificial intelligence -- a technology that also promises to revolutionize cybersecurity -- could one day become the go-to hacking tool.Organizers of the Cyber Grand Challenge, a contest sponsored by the U.S. defense agency DARPA, gave a glimpse of the power of AI during their August event. Seven supercomputers battled each other to show that machines can indeed find and patch software vulnerabilities.

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    1. I don't want to give any ideas to anyone.
    2. Ultimately, you end up with a statistical probability that this file is good or bad.
    3. We're continually adding new data (malware samples) into the model.
    4. It seems like we're heading into a world of machine versus machine cyber warfare.
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