1. Data Centric Computing is Driving the Next Revolution in Cloud Storage Alternatives

    As the march towards data-centric computing continues unabated, many organizations are finding that the traditional ideologies of the public cloud are no longer appropriate. The biggest issue is that the public cloud may not offer the level of security and speed needed by organizations that are transforming their intellectual property into actionable data sets.  Simply put, there are enterprises that share a common problem, they cannot or will not send their proprietary data into a public cloud.

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    1. Our customers had a common problem, one where they could not use the cloud, either because their data sizes are so large that the latency of the internet created problems, or their data was proprietary and a core part of their company IP.
    2. The Igneous Data Service offers true cloud for local data and supports the S3 API, which is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for cloud-based object storage.
    3. We started Igneous three years ago to deliver the type of distributed architectures enterprises need that will provide the public cloud with its scalability and resiliency.
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