1. What is 'alternative data' and how can you use it?

    Krishna Nathan, CIO of S&P Global, explains how 'alternative data,' such as satellite images and foot traffic, can transform a business. There are a number of definitions for "alternative data," but here is Nathan's: "Alternative data draws from non-traditional data sources, so that when you apply analytics to the data, they yield additional insights that complement the information you receive from traditional sources."

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    1. Some companies are starting to collect data known as alternative, non-traditional or orthogonal.
    2. By pulling all of this data together, you will learn something new about your business.
    3. Right now, they may be running at 70,000 barrels because of limited supply.
    4. If our capacity report is a week old, then we don't know that someone just dropped off oil. The traditional data is obsolete.
    5. By including satellite images as one of many data sources, we would have a more accurate, near real-time, understanding of inventory and production.
    6. Even if you don't have an immediate use case, start becoming familiar with the technologies.
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