1. Enterprises divided on IoT skills shortage, says 451 Research report

    A boom in data retention as a result of enterprises embracing the IoT has led to enterprises picking public cloud providers to deal with the surge in storage demands. But at the same time, the relatively new demands of the technology have created a skills gap, according to a report from 451 Research. 451 Research surveyed almost 1,000 enterprise buyers globally and found that the vast majority, at 71 percent, are gathering data from IoT platforms. Most businesses expect their IoT spend to increase by at least a quarter, and 90 percent plan to increase IoT spending to some ...

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    1. People are aware of potential threats, but there's still a blindness to them.
    2. It's not clear if this split is because people don't know, or assume that they have the skills and they haven't.
    3. It's hard to be an expert in IoT yet because it's still ballooning.
    4. If you suddenly have a rollout of IoT or a completely different system that is now attached, there's a period of time where you have to try to come to terms that those skills will develop, as will those toolsets.
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