1. 10 years of the iPhone: How Apple changed pretty much everything in the enterprise

    In the space of a decade, Apple’s iPhone has gone from being a consumer craze to the single product that some say most affects the design and operation of enterprise IT, turning a controlled, top-down environment into something far more open.


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    1. I think the iPhone was probably one of the most impactful pieces of technology to come into the IT world since computing.
    2. I was one of those people in line waiting for it, the original iPhone.
    3. We went from being completely a BlackBerry company to not being able to put anything but Apple products into our sales force's hands, because they were in front of doctors.
    4. Let me tell you, the applications definitely suck data in considerable amounts that the user is, rightfully so, blissfully unaware of.
    5. We use biometrics and TouchID to authenticate people at a moment in time to do things they need to do, where normally, they'd have to put some password in.
    6. With the iPhones, employees could open up spreadsheets, deal with a more user-friendly interface and just basically make decisions quicker.
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