1. Taking Control of Cloud ERP

    Today’s maturing and evolving Cloud ERP solutions allow organizations to streamline their financial operations and business processes — with employees able to access and support the organization from anywhere, at any time. Easy access, however, also means increased risk. Unfortunately, many companies struggle to strike a good balance between business enablement and security protections, and proceed without a clear direction.

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    1. Moving to Cloud ERP introduces new complexities for organizations to consider, such as increased cyber threats, data security challenges, burdensome regulatory requirements, and cloud-centric operational complications .
    2. Three different vendors may be best-of-breed, but the company may not be fully looking at the trade-offs.
    3. This is a strategic opportunity to do some business process reengineering.
    4. It's about helping companies reengineer and find the right balance.
    5. The whole concept of teaming is important.
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