1. Leveraging the Next Generation of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

    SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) happens to be one of those InfoSec technologies that is discussed ad infinitum, yet the majority of those discussing the technology have trouble visualizing how SIEM can be an effective ally for protecting enterprise systems. After all, SIEM has become somewhat shrouded in mystery and has transformed from a technology that just correlates security logs, into a technology that can take action to actually alleviate security problems.

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    1. Cyberattacks are succeeding at alarming rates, and the impact of data breaches on multi-location brands, individual franchisees, and other businesses can be catastrophic and unrecoverable.
    2. SIEM brings with it the ability to look at data in varying levels of detail and analyze multiple data sets, forming a more complete picture of network activity and security events.
    3. It is critical for service providers to add advanced SIEM services to their portfolios, which will enable service providers, such as Netsurion, to deliver stronger protection without the costs and complexity of full-time, dedicated resources.
    4. Netsurion is addressing the SMB market by balancing the need for added security without further over-complicating the IT environment.
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