1. Hyperconvergence in high demand

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise's $650 million acquisition of SimpliVity last week highlights the growing popularity of consolidated computing systems that CIOs are adopting as an alternative to public cloud services.

    SimpliVity is a market leader in hyperconverged systems, which bundle computing, storage and networking are bundled onto the same server. Such systems, once considered a niche market in a rapidly shrinking sector for on-premises technology, are rapidly gaining traction.

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    1. Companies want the cloud experience – faster speed, better economics and ease of use - without sacrificing control and security.
    2. If you wish to develop cloud-like services atop your infrastructure, hyperconverged services represent a very promising platform.
    3. We were able to fit the two appliances in four units within the existing rack, greatly reducing our footprint at the colocation site, saving money and increasing our compute power to run all our primary workloads.
    4. Cisco is left with limited options to address its portfolio gaps and could turn to Nutanix for a solution (partnership or M&A).
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