1. AT&T open sourced the heart of their network

    Last year at the Open Networking Summit, AT&T announced (and released a white paper on) its Enhanced Control, Orchestration, Management & Policy (ECOMP). At that time, John Donovan, chief strategy officer and group president, technology and operations at AT&T, said that if there was enough interest by the networking community, they may open source the project. Fast forward a year and ECOMP has been open sourced and is now a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project.

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    1. The launch of this project is one of the most momentous steps forward for Open Source Networking.
    2. A unified platform takes friction out of the system by simplifying what vendors need to deliver against and making it easier for service providers to on-board different VNFs from different vendors.
    3. Open source code allows developers to work together, which enables rapid development.
    4. Our goal of open sourcing ECOMP is to harmonize the industry, creating a common approach to the entire VNF/SDN lifecycle process within an SDN-based network cloud.
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