1. Acquisition signals increasing role of AI in outsourcing

    With its announcement last week that it will purchase enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) and automation vendor Rage Frameworks, Genpact became the first IT and business process service provider to acquire an AI platform.  The addition of Rage Frameworks, which has been applying machine learning and language processing to build intelligent automation platforms for financial services, capital markets and supply chains, “will take Genpact deeper into integrating semi and unstructured data and AI, where we see the true marriage of business processes with clever technology and self-developing algorithms,” says Phil Fersht, CEO of outsourcing analyst and consulting firm HfS Research.

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    1. It represents an evolution of the back-office oriented automation acquisitions that many outsourcing providers have made over the past several years.
    2. A top reason for their dissatisfaction is providers' capability of helping them with a digital restructure.
    3. We've danced for years trying to prophesize when BPO will truly integrate with IT.
    4. For existing customers, it provides the opportunity to reimagine how its existing outsourcing solutions are delivered in areas where pure cost reduction was the previous focus or there was a perceived risk associated with outsourcing.
    5. For the past several years, outsourcing providers have been actively pursuing ways to incorporate increasingly transformational levels of automation and intelligence into their solutions.
    6. Automation software providers Blue Prism, AutomationAnywhere and UIPath have aggressively forged partnerships with most of the leading outsourcers, such as Accenture, IBM, EXL and Capgemini.
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