1. How to build a highly effective AI team

    Once a niche research specialty, AI is fast becoming a vital aspect of the IT strategy at many businesses. The maturity of data science and machine learning tools, as well as the rise of readily accessible machine learning platforms in the cloud, are fueling this trend, enabling businesses to explore new ways to extract high business value from existing and accumulating data.

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    1. At first, we attempted to recruit for a single role – a data scientist – who had the all of the capabilities we needed. That approach did not work out.
    2. In our approach to AI, we currently see three parts: generating information, interpreting information and making judgment about that information.
    3. In addition to external activities, we support giving our AI talent time at the office to carry out their investigations and generate new ideas.
    4. Max, our AI assistant, is designed to be used conversationally and ask to follow up questions.
    5. If you want to build applications that will change how professionals get their job done, the user experience is a big part of this story.
    6. If you are building something like a database-driven web application, we have the capability to improve development. This includes suggesting using specific libraries in development. In some cases, we can cut total development time in half.
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