1. How to Overcome Big Data Project Roadblocks

    How to Overcome Big Data Project Roadblocks

    By Dennis McCafferty Nearly six out of 10 survey respondents said their company is taking on a big data project, and an additional one out of five said they will start one soon. CEO: 32%, CIO: 25%, Line of business managers: 18% Silos: 21%, Lack of funding: 21%, No consensus on goals: 16%, Absence of executive support: 16% Data quality: 21%, Outdated infrastructure: 20%, Lack of internal tech expertise: 18%, Governance and security challenges: 17%, Data and legacy app silos: 12% 34% of survey respondents said their companies spend between $50,000 and $100,000 on big data efforts, and ...

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    1. Big data has moved from market hype to a valid competitive strategy for the largest companies, with support from the very top of organizations.