1. The midyear state of the IT job market

    The midyear state of the IT job market

    With the 4th of July quickly approaching, it's time to look at the state of IT hiring for the first half of the year to try and build an accurate hiring plan for the remainder of 2015. To help us better understand the state of IT across the U.S, we spoke with David Foote, chief analyst and research officer with Foote Partners, to get insight into what's going on inside IT organizations. This data gives IT leaders an opportunity to see salary benchmarks levels for tech workers allowing them to make better decisions when hiring and evaluating ...

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    1. We're getting into a situation now where you're going to be purchasing more B2B applications in mobile application stores.
    2. Companies have been experimenting with this model for 10 years and they are just now getting comfortable with them.
    3. There simply aren't enough people to manage in this fairly new world where we've really adopted en masse Paas, Saas and Iaas.
    4. The skills gap is shifting to different classes of workers - architects; analysts; program, project and vendor relationship managers; software engineers; and a variety of technical specialization.
    5. A lot of times companies just don't think about growing talent. They're not thinking about what they are going to need going forward so they're always in this perpetual problem.
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