1. Whatever happened to green IT?

    Whatever happened to green IT?

    Five-or-so years ago, sustainability was a common theme for CIOs and tech suppliers, but it's now something that is rarely heard about. So is it simply that the fashion has changed and the emphasis has moved onto new hot topics, or has the agenda of tech chiefs and tech vendors shifted so that green IT is no longer a relevant issue? Sustainability has become part of best business practice Ashurst LLP CIO Bruna Pellicci says that technology is now inherently greener. Awareness has grown, too.

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    1. By going on-demand, CIOs have reduced their internal data centre operations and outsourced many of their green concerns to providers.
    2. It's not happened directly; it's happened by design - it's just the way that the industry has developed.
    3. Those deals also have payback in terms of tax incentives, marketing benefits, and potentially mitigating against future carbon regulation.
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