1. Gartner Highlights 10 Things CIOs Need to Know About Agile Development

    No. 1: Agile is not one thing

    No. 2: Agile is not a "pick'n mix" methodology

    No. 3: Embracing agile is a joint business-IT activity

    No. 4: With agile, it is important to walk before you try running

    No. 5: Embracing agile is embracing continuous learning

    No. 6: Agile is about teams and teams of teams

    No. 7: Documenting, managing and eliminating technical debt is a core concept of all agile methods

    No. 8: Working with third-party development service providers on agile development demands special care and attention

    No. 9: The impact of agile goes well beyond the software ...

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