1. CIOs need to reboot supplier relationships

    While large amounts of IT spending still goes to maintaining systems from the big four software providers - IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP - all the real innovation seems to be coming from elsewhere. At the same time, experts are talking about "bimodal" or two-speed IT, where back-office IT systems that support corporate "systems of record" applications, are separated from a more agile, customer-facing IT function, working directly with the business on social, cloud, big data and mobile initiatives - so-called systems of engagement. As a result, what it means to be in IT is changing. 

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    1. Modern IT needs to be wary of spending large sums of money on maintenance renewals that do not have an impact on the efficient delivery of IT services or generating revenue.
    2. It's all too common for fast moving and busy IT departments to renew maintenance because they have budget for it and they paid for it last year so it must be providing value.
    3. Change comes from the top. But there is no impetus for change in the middle management layer.
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