1. Huawei supplier ecosystem to help financial industry emulate internet giants

    Huawei, which reported £18bn sales in its latest six-month period – a 30% increase on the same period in 2014 – is targeting large finance firms in Europe with IT infrastructure products and services that can help provide services in ways customers want: online, in real time and always on. But it can’t do this alone, and Huawei has recognised the need to collaborate with other suppliers. At its Finance Summit in Beijing, the company said it will provide the ITC infrastructure for banking customers through an open supplier ecosystem, while other suppliers will add products and services to help the ...

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    1. In Europe, it is very important for us to be open and collaborative in BFSI [banking, financial services and insurance]. We will go to market with partners to expand our reach.
    2. We know we are a newcomer to the [UK] market and that we have to be flexible in terms of how we engage with finance firms.
    3. This is an example of removing the need for a dedicated server for an application.
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