1. Automation and acceleration the Asian aspiration

    ASEAN organizations are adopting storage infrastructures that are faster, more efficient, automated and centralized, as they seek better performance or return on investment. In particular, technologies such as hybrid flash arrays are growing in popularity, as is flash cache on servers, software-defined storage and storage automation, says Sandeep Bazaz, industry analyst for ICT at Frost & Sullivan Apac.

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    1. The idea here is to bring the most accessed data closer to the compute resource, which is done by keeping the flash on the server system bus, reducing the travel time from server to storage.
    2. Storage tiering and efficiency technologies like thin provisioning and dedupe [data deduplication, a data compression technique] continue to find favor.
    3. SSDs cost 10 times more than HDDs and high-capacity SSDs are still not readily available in the market. While the SSD market share is growing constantly and price is coming down, the incremental price and performance ratio is not going at a pace where SSD will completely dominate the industry.
    4. We always look at more stable technologies because there are no risks involved.
    5. We are looking at flash and hard disk-based media as there are no clear breakthrough technologies in the offing, and are considering the improved HP 3PAR and the next-generation IBM flash storage.
    6. SMBs are inherently cost-conscious and would prefer to use storage devices that are cost-effective, and at the same time able to meet their performance requirements. They continue to use technologies like HDD for storage and tape for backup.
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