1. Drew Houston’s Mission: Get The World Working Together On Dropbox

    He seemed surprisingly calm, in a casual Silicon Valley attire (black shirt, jeans and sneakers), for the CEO of a company many critics say will not live up to its $10 billion valuation. He continued playing as I sat down. “We have a pretty good setup here,” he said as he set his guitar to lean up against the couch. “This is the jam room. It’s a Dropbox tradition.”

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    1. There's an element where, we want to help you tie together all these different tools you're using without prescribing that you have to only use the stuff that we make.
    2. Evolution doesn't always move things forward, and it's created all these new problems.
    3. Yes, there are proprietary things we can build to keep people in our ecosystem, but that's like what everyone else is doing.
    4. Obviously, however many people we have using it we want ten times as many people using it, and with Carousel and Mailbox they're both new ventures for us.
    5. They're all extremely efficient and scalable.
    6. Connecting any person, company or ecosystem.
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