1. IT budgets 2016: Surveys, software and services

    As 2016 approaches, surveys show IT budgets and headcounts remaining largely flat, leaving CIOs the problem of figuring out how to keep the business running while pursuing innovative projects. A company's IT budget is affected by multiple variables, including the state of the economy, the industry sector in which it operates and its financial health -- not to mention the persuasiveness of the CIO (or other responsible executive) when it comes to fighting IT's corner in the boardroom.

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    1. In short, IT executives today are in a good position to think strategically, lobby for IT investment, and deliver real long-term value to the business. We are beginning to see the first signs that cloud computing is having a positive, if disruptive, influence.
    2. It's a business management system based on analytics and data that CIOs can use to get transparency into the cost of IT, make better decisions, benchmark themselves against their peers and communicate the value of what IT provides to the business.
    3. Our smallest customer is managing four million dollars in technology spend on an annual basis, while the largest customer we have is managing twelve billion.
    4. For example, what are they spending on compute, when you count labour, hardware, software, facilities, power and cooling -- all the cost drivers?.
    5. A lot of CIOs over the last three to five years have been under pressure to cut costs and have used approaches like insourcing and outsourcing to drive some level of optimisation.
    6. We're a bunch of commercial folk specialising in IT sourcing and procurement.
    7. It's great that you guys came and helped orchestrate a market tender, but we've got a big vendor portfolio -- can you come and do a day a week?
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