1. Transforming Singapore Post through modern technology

    When Ramesh Narayanaswamy became CIO at Singapore Post in 2012, like postal services worldwide, the company faced ruin unless it could transform itself. But today, after changing into an e-commerce logistics specialist covering Southeast Asia, the future looks bright. Singapore Post has 60 branches across Singapore and has provided postal services to the city-state for almost 200 years, but a few years ago the organisation faced a choice if it wanted to survive much longer.

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    1. Singapore is very small, so we need to grow internationally.
    2. The technology was very basic when I came.
    3. There are not that many CIO positions in Singapore.
    4. We get fined by the government if we fail to do this.
    5. As postal organisations around the world continue to face revenue challenges created by dramatically reduced mail volumes, focusing on competitive parcel delivery products, services and supply chains will help close the revenue gap.
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