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    1. AT&T open sourced the heart of their network

      Last year at the Open Networking Summit, AT&T announced (and released a white paper on) its Enhanced Control, Orchestration, Management & Policy (ECOMP). At that time, John Donovan, chief strategy officer and group president, technology and operations at AT&T, said that if there was enough interest by the networking community, they may open source the project. Fast forward a year and ECOMP has been open sourced and is now a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project.

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    2. Everything you need to know about Nextcloud Box

      Nextcloud is teaming up with Canonical and WDLabs (an internal team of innovators to explore new ideas) to bring ‘private-cloud-in-a-box’ devices to the market. It’s the continuation of the work Nextcloud team was doing with WDLabs, before splitting up with ownCloud.

      Nextcloud Box is essentially a reference device that uses Raspberry Pi for compute and network, and WD hard drive for storage. Ubuntu core is the operating system and Nextcloud is the file sync software.

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