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    1. Gartner Highlights 10 Things CIOs Need to Know About Agile Development

      No. 1: Agile is not one thing

      No. 2: Agile is not a "pick'n mix" methodology

      No. 3: Embracing agile is a joint business-IT activity

      No. 4: With agile, it is important to walk before you try running

      No. 5: Embracing agile is embracing continuous learning

      No. 6: Agile is about teams and teams of teams

      No. 7: Documenting, managing and eliminating technical debt is a core concept of all agile methods

      No. 8: Working with third-party development service providers on agile development demands special care and attention

      No. 9: The impact of agile goes well beyond the software ...

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    2. Oracle goes all in on cloud services

      Oracle goes all in on cloud services

      Oracle's transition from cloud critic to cloud convert is complete. The company launched a raft of new services Monday that it claims will provide enterprises with all the tools they need to run their operations in the cloud. "We're now able to call our cloud services complete. With today's announcement, you can now move all your applications out of the data center and into the Oracle cloud," Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison said during an event at Oracle's headquarters.

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