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    1. Evolving SDN: Tackling challenges for web-scale deployments

      Customers want mobility, rapid change, and larger networks that work with less hassle through the use of powerful automation because this enables business to build speed in innovation. Software-defined networking (SDN) embraces these requirements with new dynamic networking features that enhance server value and user services while operating with an existing network.


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    2. Leveraging the Next Generation of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

      SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) happens to be one of those InfoSec technologies that is discussed ad infinitum, yet the majority of those discussing the technology have trouble visualizing how SIEM can be an effective ally for protecting enterprise systems. After all, SIEM has become somewhat shrouded in mystery and has transformed from a technology that just correlates security logs, into a technology that can take action to actually alleviate security problems.

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    3. Data Centric Computing is Driving the Next Revolution in Cloud Storage Alternatives

      As the march towards data-centric computing continues unabated, many organizations are finding that the traditional ideologies of the public cloud are no longer appropriate. The biggest issue is that the public cloud may not offer the level of security and speed needed by organizations that are transforming their intellectual property into actionable data sets.  Simply put, there are enterprises that share a common problem, they cannot or will not send their proprietary data into a public cloud.

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    4. Agile DevOps: A Path to the Common Ground of Productivity

      Agility has become the buzz word around the enterprise. whether it is agility around storage, networking, cloud operations, or most any other IT service is not really the point here, it all comes down to agility as an ideology. Take for example the burgeoning data analytics market, which is driven by big data and business intelligence, where implementing agile ideologies could be the secret to success.

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    5. The Analytics of Language, Behavior, and Personality

      NLP touches our daily lives, in many ways. Voice response and personal assistants — Siri, Google Now, Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa — rely on NLP to interpret requests and formulate appropriate responses. Search and recommendation engines apply NLP, as do applications ranging from pharmaceutical drug discovery to national security counter-terrorism systems. NLP, part of text and speech analytics solutions, is widely applied for market research, consumer insights, and customer experience management. 

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    6. Blockchain, its new rival, and their future in the enterprise

      Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are already starting to shake up the financial services industry. Blockchain isn’t the only game in town either. The Linux Foundation recently revealed that it is leading an open source effort to develop an alternative to bitcoin’s underlying tech. The initiative, which has been dubbed the Open Ledger Project, is being supported by a coalition of leading financial services and tech companies, including Wells Fargo, State Street, the London Stock Exchange Group, Cisco, Intel, VMware and IBM.

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    7. The next information revolution will be 100 times bigger than the Internet

      Every day I see something I want to know more about, something I can experience at a deeper level, and share with my friends and family. I’m hardly alone in that; the average citizen of any connected country is an avid consumer, seeker, and sharer of information — driving over 5.7 billion Google searches each day. But what happens when you see something you can’t describe?

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    8. Turning data scientists into action heroes: The rise of self-service Hadoop

      The unfortunate truth about data science professionals is that they spend a shockingly small amount of time actually exploring data. Instead, they are stuck devoting significant amounts of time wrangling data and pouring resources into the tedious act of prepping and managing it. Self-service Hadoop solutions simplify, streamline, and automate the steps needed to create a data exploration environment. 

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    9. How Salesforce & Box are changing the landscape in regulated industries

      With an aim to encourage the adoption of cloud CRM solutions in regulated industries, Salesforce recently announced the launch of a new platform called Salesforce Shield, which came shortly after Box introduced the general availability of Box Governance. Like Shield, it also focuses on ensuring cloud customers meet legal, regulatory and business policies regarding data storage and transfer. Both Salesforce Shield and Box Governance may bring the highly sought after flexibility to cloud services without disrupting the organizations’ security requirements.

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    10. Google-Alphabet may signal an end to the cloud price wars

      Google boldly goes where no tech giant has gone before. The company’s stunning restructuring from Google to Alphabet signals a profound transformation in how the company will operate. The Alphabet structure should enable Google to continue growing its core ad business (which gushes cash) and provide multiple paths for top talent to run their own businesses. But what does it mean for Silicon Valley’s startup scene? In the short term, probably an end to the artificially low-priced cloud services Google has been pushing.

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