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    1. Google Container Engine features aim to automate node management

      With new beta features released this week, Google Container Engine (GKE) users would opt in to Auto-Upgrades and Auto-Repair for node pools as they are created. From there, Auto-Upgrades would keep cluster nodes up to date with the latest release of Kubernetes; Auto-Repair would automatically decommission and replace unhealthy server nodes.

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    2. Automated deployment tools mitigate the risk of human error in DevOps

      There are dozens of application and infrastructure automation tools for IT shops. Choosing the right one requires project and feature evaluation. This Article Covers Share this item with your network: Related Content DevOps and Agile Techniques –OpenMake Software Seemingly endless options abound for IT shops automating application and infrastructure deployment. And that's exactly the problem.

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    3. Distributed DevOps puts IT communication strategies to the test

      Distributed DevOps puts IT communication strategies to the test by Senior News Writer DevOps communication between team members is crucial, but how does that work when they're on different continents? Making DevOps Real for System z –IBM IT communication strategies have been put to an unprecedented test, as corporate globalization collides with DevOps.  "That's not to say there aren't good people everywhere, but I'd say that there aren't necessarily available people who are that good all the time where and when you need them," said Patrick McClory, director of automation and DevOps for Datapipe Inc ...

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