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    1. If You Use A Business Dashboard, You Have This CEO to Thank

      Fixing the need for an analytics and business intelligence dashboarding tool that was both affordable and easy to use. Cyfe, founded in 2012, pioneered the freemium dashboard platform, expanding  a year later to include further support for analytic and marketing tools like Eventbrite, Stripe, and many others. Now, the company is helping brands like WholeFoods, Marriott, ABC, and Groupon save tons of time and effort in their marketing and IT departments.

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    2. What Is The Difference Between Deep Learning, Machine Learning and AI?

      Deep Learning is not only a massive buzzword spanning business and technology but also a concept that will transform most industries and jobs, as well as the way we live our lives. However, there is confusion about what it is and how it differs from Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Over the past few years, the term “deep learning” has firmly worked its way into business language when the conversation is about Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and analytics.

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    3. What Hotels Teach Us About Data And Prioritizing User Experience Over Security

      As cyberattacks and data breaches become an ever-more common side effect of life in the digital era, the role of social engineering and the historical prioritization of user experience over security in facilitating those attacks has become a huge focal area of the cybersecurity industry. Yet, it is not just the digital world that is vulnerable to social engineering – almost every process we undertake in our daily lives is being impacted by technological evolution that far too often places ease-of-use over security.

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    4. Gartner Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing & Advertising, 2016 Adds Predictive B2B Marketing Analytics

      Real-time marketing techniques, personalization, the use of contextual clues, and the rapid convergence of marketing technology (Martech) and advertising technology (Adtech) are four key forces driving the future of data-centric marketing. The 2016 Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing and Advertising reflects how the combined effect of these four forces are fueling innovative new uses of analytics, contextual clues enabled by Internet of Things (IoT) devices, machine learning, personalization and a more data-centric approach to driving marketing strategies.

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    5. How To Solve The Digital Dilemma

      There's a fundamental difference between companies that apply digital technology as a bolt-on (frequently adding an eCommerce site, social media, or customer mobile apps) and those that take a more holistic approach to transforming the way the company uses technology to deliver better customer outcomes and drive revenue. Transformers are more likely to succeed because they recognize their customers’ expectations are evolving.

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    6. The Brave New World Of Cloud Application Security

      As businesses continue their flight to the cloud, their concerns about security are changing. The cloud can offer companies better security than their own data centers — but only if they understand how to manage the responsibilities that come with it. When it comes to the physical environment, for small and mid-sized businesses, the cloud often provides better security than an on-premise data center, said Paul Hill, a senior security consultant with SystemExperts, an IT compliance and security firm.

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