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    1. Software-managed infrastructure poses challenges to companies with legacy systems

      The Wall Street Journal reported that this architecture, which replaces hardware with software, blurs the lines between compute, storage and network components. In the past, each of those areas has required purpose-built hardware that runs proprietary software. In the future, many companies hope to have commoditized hardware that is easily replaceable between vendors. A customized approach can present a challenge when moving to a new network architecture

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    2. IT losing confidence in cybersecurity products, frustrated by impact on productivity

      IT's confidence in cybersecurity products is down, and concern regarding their impact on employee productivity is up. When it comes to measuring confidence in cybersecurity, half of respondents said they are not confident in their current security products. Almost 1 in 5 feel that effective endpoint security isn't even possible. The overwhelming majority (about 75 percent) feel "employees' cybersecurity awareness is moderate at best. One of the biggest issues is how security products seem to get in the way of productivity.

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    3. Enterprises remain cautious about embracing cloud and big data

      Although enterprises understand the potential that cloud, big data, IoT and mobile have to transform their organizations, many are approaching these technologies with caution. Primary concerns include costs, security and how tough it may be to find people with the right skills to manage these solutions. Enterprises have been slow to embrace IoT, with complexity of adoption the largest stumbling block.

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    4. Retail stores: Embrace smartphone technology, or it's your funeral

      Stores that fail to embrace in-store technology – namely integrating smartphone apps with the customer shopping experience – risk their own extinction. By 2025, a brave new consumer world will exist – one in which sales no longer dictate the value of stores, waiting in line is a thing of the past and customers will share, try on and print retail items from the comfort of their homes.

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    5. KPMG signs up IBM's Watson for help with auditing

      IBM has spent a lot of work applying Watson to healthcare applications. But Watson can tackle other problems, too, and a new customer offers an example of how it can help with professional services. On Tuesday, KPMG said it plans to start using Watson to help with its auditing and other services. Advisers plan to use Watson to analyze large volumes of structure and unstructured financial data, improving their ability to analyze anomalies and decide how to handle them.

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    6. AI 'just an ordinary part of our lives,' already optimizing business operations, says researcher

      While the uninitiated might think artificial intelligence as a business tool is still a ways off, researchers are already using AI and machine learning in ways with definite enterprise use cases, according to an AI expert. Over the past few years, according to CMU's Dean of Computer Science Andrew Moore, AI researchers have been able to build systems with practical functions across industry spaces that are either already in use or right on the horizon. Part of the breakthrough is thanks to big data and data science.

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    7. PwC report: Here are 10 digital behaviors you find at financially strong companies

      Professional services firm PwC Wednesday released its 2015 Global Digital IQ Survey which looks at what digital technology organizations use to boost business value. PwC surveyed 2,000 executive throughout 51 countries to gain insight into the relationship between digital investments and business value. The survey found ten digital behaviors that lead to strong financial performance within organizations.

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    8. In a few years, Gartner predicts most businesses will do more building than buying of apps

      In a report released today, Gartner said it believes that by 2020, 75 percent of application purchases by businesses will be related to building apps, rather than buying them. The report covered a very wide range of trends around enterprise software and services, including predictions around the shift to cloud services. In addition to the trend toward custom development, much of Gartner's research showed a significant shift away from on-premises software to new models including cloud services. In fact, it pegged 2020 as a cloud tipping point.

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    9. Healthcare CIOs need a large dose of tech skills, clinical understanding, and communication prowess

      One of the most dramatically changing industries right now is healthcare, and pressures related to patient care, billing reimbursements and electronic medical records are raising the stakes for CIOs looking for a successful career in this space. FierceCIO speaks with Mick Ruel, vice president of executive search at healthcare industry staffing firm B E Smith about what hospitals and healthcare systems are looking for in a CIO hire, and what skills and qualities make or break a candidate.

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    10. Windows 10: 3 reasons to migrate immediately, 3 reasons to wait

      By Deepak Kumar Microsoft's Windows 10 release, set for the end of July, is nearly here. The closer launch day gets, the more pressure enterprise executives feel to take a position: migrate right out of the gate, or wait. A recent survey conducted at Microsoft Ignite found over two-thirds (71 percent) of IT leaders chose the latter, as their organizations plan to wait at least six months after Windows 10 is released to begin deploying it. Of those, 43 percent expect to wait more than a year.

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    11. Is your data analyst essentially a janitor?

      Is your data analyst essentially a janitor?

      It turns out that many skilled data analysts are essentially janitors. A new study released by Xplenty, a big data integration platform, finds that a third of data analysts spend the majority of their time (50 percent to 90 percent) "just cleaning raw data. " That's right – performing mere mopping-up duties. The study is based on feedback from more than 200 data analysts. With a growing number of organizations desperate to realize value from big data, this is obviously not good news.

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    12. IT spending to drop nearly 6% worldwide this year, says Gartner

      IT spending to drop nearly 6% worldwide this year, says Gartner

      Spending on IT worldwide will drop by nearly 6 percent this year, Gartner reported, adding to the concerns of many IT leaders that the tech industry is not as healthy as many would otherwise believe. Research firm Gartner revised its annual IT spending forecast yesterday, stating that overall IT spending will decline 5.8 percent in 2015. Some organizations will benefit from lower prices on communications and IT services, but others will pay more for hardware this year.

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    13. Is the Internet of Things over-hyped? ; Attention IT managers: Mainframers need your love too

      Is the Internet of Things over-hyped? ; Attention IT managers: Mainframers need your love too

      Is the Internet of Things greatly over-hyped? Technology experts speaking at a recent panel suggest 'yes', and stated the trend should really be called the Internet with things. As noted by CIO, panelists said there are still a number of issues that stand in the way of many devices and items joining the inter-connected world. Chief among them are issues related to security, standards, trust and privacy.

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    14. Companies averaging 4 insider-threat attacks per year

      Companies averaging 4 insider-threat attacks per year

      When it comes to insider IT security threats, the third time is definitely not the charm. In fact, the typical organization now experiences 3.8 insider security incidents on an annual basis. That is the finding of a new report from SpectorSoft, which tracks security incidents and their impacts in the enterprise. According to the user activity monitoring company, nearly two-thirds (62 percent) of security professionals polled said insider incidents are up at their organizations.

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    15. Surviving and thriving in the new app economy

      Surviving and thriving in the new app economy

      IT leaders are in a constant state of conflict today, waging war on multiple fronts. One of those is the struggle for competitive advantage in the new applications economy. It is a topic that has just gotten serious treatment in a new study from CA Technologies. FierceCIO spoke with Otto Berkes, chief technology officer at the firm, about what is meant by the new "app economy" and what it means for the CIO role.

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    16. Shortage of IT security talent reaches the crisis point

      Shortage of IT security talent reaches the crisis point

      CIOs who have been struggling to find enough skilled IT security professionals should brace for even tougher times ahead. Nearly two-thirds of IT departments now complain about a shortage of security pros in the job market, according to an article on CIO Insight. FierceCIO has reported on the talent shortage in the IT security space, but the CIO Insight story says that the growing sophistication and frequency of cyberattacks is driving up demand for security talent even more.

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    17. The Internet of Things could change everything for IT

      The Internet of Things could change everything for IT

      No doubt, the trend known as the Internet of Things carries with it lots of hype. According to an article at Baseline, IoT has the potential to change "everything," including IT. Citing some pretty staggering research statistics, the article noted that the number of connected devices worldwide is likely to reach 50 million over the next five years. Already, two out of every five organizations are leveraging IoT technologies or plan to do so this year.

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