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    1. Elon Musk’s OpenAI Unveils a Simpler Way for Machines to Learn

      In 2013 a British artificial-intelligence startup called DeepMind surprised computer scientists by showing off software that could learn to play classic Atari games better than an expert human player. Now OpenAI, a nonprofit research institute cofounded and funded by Elon Musk, says it has discovered an easier-to-use alternative to reinforcement learning that gets rival results when it plays games and performs other tasks. The group says it has a more practical way to get software to learn tasks, such as steering robots, that require multiple actions.

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    2. Google is Building a Robotic Hive-Mind Kindergarten

      Researchers are testing ways for robots to perform complex tasks by downloading what others have learned. In three separate research papers posted online Monday, researchers at Google and other Alphabet subsidiaries showed several ways in which robots can learn to perform simple tasks more quickly by sharing different types of learning experiences. 

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    3. Work in Transition

      Digital technologies are changing the nature of the jobs we do. What does that mean for the future of work? About five years ago, machine learning reached a point where software could, with guidance from senior lawyers, effectively take over the time–intensive task of legal discovery, in which one party in a lawsuit combs through its documents to determine what it must show to the other side before trial.

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